Yamaha DX-M Polishing Cloth PCDXM3

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Yamaha Polishing Cloth DX-M

  • This cloth is suitable for polishing the surfaces of instruments.
  • Size: 29cm X 31cm
  • This polishing cloth is made of microfiber which is super absorbent and can remove moisture as well as oil and microscopic dirt.
  • The additional benefit of microfiber is that it doesn't scratch the surfaces of instruments
  • If this colth is soiled, wash it with detergent. Washing will not reduce the cloth's effectiveness.


  • Use only low temperature when ironing.
  • Be aware that adhesion of hardened dirt, sand, etc. to the cloth and/or your instrument body will cause scratches.
  • If the cloth is stored in close contact with your instrument, case, etc., the colour may run. This is dependent on storage location, storage temperature and/or humidity, etc.
  • Be aware that use of detergent may cause the cloth dye to run on rare occasions.