Yamaha Digital Saxophone - Graphite YDS-120

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This digital saxophone eliminates restrictions on where and when you can play, while offering the same tonal diversity, deep low notes, and delicate highs of an acoustic instrument. Step into a new world where you can play the saxophone in a way that's all you.

The YDS-120 combines acoustic and digital technologies into a new form, giving you the ability to control your volume at will, so that you can play anywhere you want. Users can choose from 73 different voices, including 56 saxophone samples (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone).

With the same key configuration as its acoustic brethren, the YDS-120 combines a breath sensor for expression, an analog controller, and your own breath, offering you true freedom of expression.


  • 15-step volume adjustment
  • Headphone Terminal , Aux in jack
  • 73 voices, including 56 for saxophone
  • The same key layout as an acoustic saxophone
  • Specially designed mouthpiece
  • Breath sensor that detects the pressure of your breath
  • Dedicated YDS Controller app
  • Use with a USB power source or with batteries