Yamaha Carrying Bag for THR Series Amps - THRBG1

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Yamaha Carrying Bag for THR5/THR10II/THR30II
Made specifically for the THR30II, THR10II, THR10, and THR5 amps, this sleek and durable carry bag securely fits your THR amp and accessories. Includes an additional pocket on the front for extra storage and an adjustable/removable shoulder strap. Includes padded inserts to ensure a snug and secure fit for each model.

  • Specially designed carry bag for THR series amps
  • Compatible with all of THR30II, THR10II, THR10, THR5 models
  • Pads are included for THR10II, THR10 and THR5 models
  • Built-in outter pocket for accessories
  • Adjustable shoulder belt is included
  • Size: W480mm x H185mm x D220mm
  • Weight: 0.6kg