Vega-Trem VT2 Telecaster Tremolo, 71mm Teletrem Classic Glossy VT2CL

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For T-style guitars that use classic dimensions bridge

(71mm between the string holes to the top screw of the bridge pickup, see attached scheme).

The electric guitar started a worldwide musical revolution thanks to Leo Fender and his two creations: the Telecaster and the Stratocaster. Now, 7 decades after the launch of these iconic guitars, VegaTrem closes the circle by creating this vibrato for Telecaster: the VegaTrem VT2 Teletrem, the tremolo that grants the T-style a new sound, without the need of modifying a single millimeter of Leo’s fantastic original design.

This is, once again, a revolutionary creation, since the Telecaster was conceived, 70 years ago, as a fixed bridge guitar and without space for a vibrato. The solution was to take advantage of the 6 holes that cross the body of the guitar from the bottom to the top, and place some springs that would allow the classic tremolo movement and, at the same time, enrich the tone and sustain without getting out of tune. This new tremolo/vibrato with its very own VegaTrem tuning stability, expands the future musical possibilities of this legendary guitar: Tremolutionary, again

New life to the T-Style

The amazing T-Style electric guitars were not originally designed to receive a tremolo/vibrato. But VegaTrem‘s audacious solution combined with the use of extraordinary quality materials such as marine grade stainless steel and brass saddles (like the classic design), enhances the tonal qualities of your TL-type guitar, regardless using the vibrato or not. Without a doubt, the possibilities of “pulling up” to up to half a tone, or “dive bombing”, as well as the expression, the new sound and musical life a vibrato can give to these legendary guitars.

Your Telecaster, intact

Who owns a Telecaster, especially if a classic, owns a treasure. Therefore, installing a VT2 Teletrem, unlike other options on the market, deeply respect the body of your beloved guitar without the need of making any permanent changes. Your TL-type guitar remains intact, keeping all its current and future value.

Suits you

The VT2 Teletrem is designed by and for guitarists, and this shows in details. For example, the tension applicable to the springs is adjustable, thus you can adapt the VT2 to your favorite “set up”, even reaching enough resistance avoiding any kind of movement when doing “double stop bendings”.

Three, two, one…ready

Faithful to our compromise of making it easy, installing a VT2 just needs a screwdriver and following a few simple steps that you will find in the assembly instructions section