String Swing Flat Wall Mount Hanger for Cello, 4" Stem BCC03F4-FW/C

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This cello hanger is designed specifically for the size, weight and headstock of a cello. Safely hang your cello in any room of your home where it can be appreciated and played at a moment's notice.

Made in the USA with a lifetime structural warranty
Mounting Hardware Included
For a slatwall mounted cello hanger, see Front Facing Hanger-4" stem here!

Installation Instructions:

Choose location for hanger. Drive screws through mounting holes of hanger into wall using a phillips screwdriver. If a wall stud is not found, these pilot holes are necessary for installing the plastic toggles. To do this, use the screwdriver to push and turn the toggle clockwise until flush. Remount hanger with screw into toggles. DO NOT REUSE TOGGLES.