Music Nomad The Nomad Tool Set MN204

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Get the Nomad Tool Set from Music Nomad and keep a wide range of gear clean and in top-notch working order. This set includes the original Nomad Tool and the Nomad Slim. The Nomad Tool is a super-soft, 100% lint-free microfiber pad and natural fiber brush that is ideal for cleaning your guitar strings, removing fingerprints from pianos and guitars, or even cleaning off a dusty computer screen. The brush features all-natural, nonabrasive bristles for cleaning around your pickups, between your piano keys, and around the knobs and inputs on your amp and rack gear. The Nomad Slim is a toothbrush-style tool that is great for reaching those hard-to-clean areas such as pickups and the spaces between them, floating bridges, floating pickguards, tuning pegs, and more.

  • Two multiuse all-in-one cleaning tools
  • Removes dirt and oil from strings, prolonging life and preserving tone
  • Cleans dust off piano keys and MIDI controller pads, protecting velocity sensors
  • Ergonomic design for easy use
  • Super-soft natural brush fibers won't scratch delicate finishes