Music Nomad Premium Contouring Fretboard Guards - Grip Guards MN225

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The MusicNomad Grip Guards allow you to work on your instrument's frets while protecting your fretboard from files, abrasives, and other tools. You'll receive three Grip Guards to ensure flawless performance, even at the highest frets of your guitar, bass, or other stringed instrument. Their curved design helps them sit flush against any fretboard radius. And the comfortable grips enable you to hold the guard still without having to put your fingers anywhere near the fret.
  • Set of 3 handheld fretboard guards
  • Made from non-magnetic, corrosion- and heat-resistant stainless steel
  • Each guard is gently curved for fretboard radius
  • Ergonomic handle keeps your fingers out of the way when working
  • Small enough to fit onto the highest frets of ukuleles