Music Nomad Precision Setup Gauge Set - 6 pc. MN604

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Not only is it fun, but a properly setup guitar takes your playing & sound to a whole new level. Music Nomad’s 6 pc. Precision Setup Gauge Set demystifies the setup process by developing innovative, high quality gauges combined with step-by-step general guidelines anybody can follow to help setup their guitar or bass. After several years of research & development and in collaboration with Master Guitar Tech Geoff Luttrell & other top repair techs, Music Nomad has developed the KEEP IT SIMPLE, SETUP (KISS)™. With our KISS method and our 6 pc. Setup Gauge Set you can check the vital areas of your instrument & use our tools (sold separately) to perform your own setup. Whether you have an Electric, Acoustic, Classical, or Bass Guitar, we give you the exact spec you need by instrument type, including instructions printed right on the product taking the guesswork out of each task.

Set includes:
  • 2 Radius Gauges
  • 1 String Action Gauge
  • 1 Truss Rod Gauge
  • 1 Nut Height Gauge
  • 1 Pick Capo
  • Bonus: 24 page Instructional Booklet
Each gauge is accurate, made of premium stainless steel, etched numbers & text, and has instructions printed on each gauge

Truss Rod Gauge: Includes the 3 most common truss rod relief measurements (.006", .008", .010") for electric, acoustic, classical & bass guitars plus an innovative pick capo to assist. No annoying, messy oil found on traditional feeler gauges.

String Action Gauge: Accurate measurements that are easy to read with the innovative black finish contrasted with deep etched white markings. Measurements in inches, metric & 64ths.

Radius Gauge Set: Accurate measurements of 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 14", 15", 16", 20".

Nut Height Gauge: Includes the 3 most common nut height measurements (.016", .018", .020") Plus 3 additional sizes (.012", .014", .022") to accommodate a desire for lower action or a heavier pick attack.