Music Nomad Precision Nut Height Gauge MN601

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Being able to measure your string height at the nut is a critical step in the setup process. Music Nomad’s precision Nut Height Gauge will help you do it quickly & accurately. The gauge comes equipped with the 3 most common nut height sizes (.016”, .018”, .020”) plus 3 additional sizes (.012”, .014”, .022”) to accommodate a desire for lower action or a heavier pick attack. Instructions printed right on the handle makes it extremely easy to dial in your nut height. It’s perfect for electric, acoustic, classical & bass guitars & features laser etched markings that take the guesswork out of which gauge to use for each instrument. It’s made of premium stainless steel construction without the annoying, messy oil found on traditional feeler gauge sets. That's Music Nomad quality – raising the bar in equipment care.