G7th Nashville Steel String Capo - Silver

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Lightweight Spring Capo
Nashville Capo - Silver

Fast, easy to use and carefully designed to greatly reduce the problems caused by excessive clamping force, the G7th Nashville is perfect for those who prefer the simplicity of a spring capo for lightning-fast changes on your acoustic or electric steel-string guitar.

The careful design dramatically reduces tuning problems and fret wear associated with excessive clamping force caused by lesser spring capos.

Silver finish looks great on any guitar and any fingerboard.

Tuning stability Stay in tune

The Nashville delivers the right amount of pressure to your strings, rather than the typical over clamping you get from lesser spring capos. Spend less time retuning and more time playing!

Clever design Faster and easier

Thanks to our patented design with the spring pivot point closer to your guitar neck, the Nashville is faster and easier to use than other spring capos as less force is needed to release it.

Versatile Store on your guitar

Between songs, you can easily park a Nashville capo on the headstock for quick and convenient access.

Protect Your neck Internal Silicone Pads

With non-reactive, protective silicone pads at every touchpoint, you can be sure that the finish on your instrument is safe when using a Nashville capo.

Clean, clear and true Safeguard your tone

Maintains the tone of your instrument thanks to our carefully engineered string pads, designed to reduce vibration dampening and loss of tone.

Award-winning quality Free Lifetime Warranty

All G7th capos carry a Free Lifetime Warranty. Simply register online.