Fender Single Replacement Locking Guitar Tuning Machine for D, A, or Low E (Gold) 0038967000

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Fender locking tuners let you lock your strings at the tuning machines for maximum tuning stability. Each set contains a single polished chrome die-cast tuner with a removable cap. Note that tuning machine posts are of differing heights (G, B and high E tuner posts are slightly shorter than low E, A and D tuner posts); please review item description to ensure proper ordering.

Used on American Deluxe series models, Strat® Plus models and some Custom Shop instruments; can be retro-fitted on most U.S.- and Mexico-made Stratocaster® and Telecaster® models (some modification may be necessary)

It will not fit American Vintage Series models.


  • Single polished chrome die-cast tuner
  • Gear ratio 18:1
  • Removable cap

* This is a 100% genuine Fender part. Sometimes Fender sends it to us without its original packaging. Customers may receive it in a regular poly bag.