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The EVH Premium Quality adjustable guitar strap lets you comfortably sling that guitar over your shoulder in big-rock EVH style. Available in 42", which is adjustable to 50" and 56" which is adjustable to 62". Leather hook-and-loop fasteners keep it secured to your guitar.

  • The same strap used for years by EVH
  • Adjustable in length crafted from premium quality, comfortable leatherette.
  • Unique Velcro design and hook-and-loop fasteners make setting the strap to the perfect length easy, and allows for quick adjustments on the fly.
  • Features embroidered "EVH" logo.
  • 56"

WHICH LENGTH TO CHOOSE: The vast majority of players will want the 42" length strap. The 56" length is good for big or tall players who prefer to wear their guitar hanging low.