Yamaha 1/2 Size Classical Guitar CGS102A

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If you have, or are yourself, a student looking for an easy-playing nylon-string classical acoustic guitar, then the half-scale Yamaha CGS102A makes a fine solution.

Part of the Yamaha School series, the CGS102A is quality built from traditional tone woods (spruce, rosewood, others) to provide a solid foundation and satisfying playing experience for the beginner to the advanced student. The CGS102A's 21" scale length provides a comfortable platform and easy finger stretch for the entrant learner. Meanwhile, a traditionally contoured body, sound hole rosette, and slotted headstock give the Yamaha CGS102A a professional look that you or your student will be proud to play in public.


  • Easy-playing nylon-string from the Yamaha School series
  • Perfect for students
  • 1/2 scale length - just 21" from nut to bridge
  • Provides an easier reach between frets
  • Traditional tone woods (spruce top, rosewood fingerboard) promise a satisfying playing experience
  • Classic contoured body and slotted headstock design