Zoom G2X Four Multi-Effect Guitar Pedal

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Compact, easy to use, and loaded with a massive selection of tones, the G2X Four Multi-FX Guitar Pedal from Zoom is a highly versatile guitar pedal designed to sit at the heart of your pedalboard. With 300 total patches (250 factory, 50 user), 22 amp/cab models with multi-layer IR processing, 79 high-quality guitar FX with 7 simultaneous FX layers, flexible onboard tuning options, and a versatile built-in expression pedal that can pull triple duty for volume, pitch, and wah control, the G2X Four is powerful enough to replace many of your current pedals and offers potent studio and live performance capabilities.

An 80-second looper function lets you record and play over your performances, and 68 rhythm patterns are included, which can be synced to your loops. An Aux input allows you to play along with external tracks more easily, and output EQ is included on the main outputs for directly controlling your tone from the pedal. With the convenient built-in USB-C support, you can power the pedal with simple USB bus power and control your G2X Four with the Handy Guitar Lab app which provides you with the ability to load, backup, and edit patches as well as use your pedal as a 2-in/2-out audio interface.

Key Features:

  • 22 Amp/Cab Models with Multi-Layer IR
  • 79 Guitar FX, Up to 7 Simultaneous FX
  • 250 Preloaded Patches, 50 User Patches
  • Expression Pedal for Volume/Pitch/Wah
  • 80-Second Looper Function
  • 68 Rhythm Patterns
  • Output EQ for Tone Control
  • Aux In for Playing Along to Tracks
  • USB-C for App Control and Bus Power
  • Handy Guitar Lab App for Interface Use