CIOKS Type 3 Flex Angled Power Cable , 20 inch - 3050

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Power Your CIOKS-style Pedal
Power your CIOKS or similar pedal! This 19.6-inch CIOKS center negative DC cable features an angled, L-shaped plug and a 5-millimeter barrel.

CIOKS Type 3 Flex Cable Features:

  • 19.6-inch/50-centimeters Type 3 Flex cable
  • Center negative
  • Yellow

Pedals That Require a Type 3 Cable:

  • Line 6 units like the HX Effects, HX Stomp, HD Bean, POD HD500X or older POD HD units, Firehawk FX, and AMPLIFi FX100
  • AC pedals needing this plug size
  • Check the plug size and required polarity of your pedal to ensure proper use