CIOKS EIAJ to EIAJ 80cm CIOKS DC7 to CIOKS 8 Adapter Cable - L2480

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Want to use your CIOKS DC7 to power your CIOKS 8 pedal power supply? This EIAJ to EIAJ cable plugs into the 24-volt DC outlet on your CIOKS DC7 and transfers the power to your CIOKS 8 through the mains input. By choosing to wire your board this way, you get eight extra outlets to power your pedals. If you want to increase the number of effects you can power on a single board, buying a CIOKS L2480 Power Cable and using it with your CIOKS 8 power supply is the way to go.

CIOKS L2480 Power Cable Features:

  • Link cable for connecting CIOKS DC7 and CIOKS 8
  • EIAJ 5.5mm DC plug/EIAJ 5.5mm DC plug
  • 80 cm cable length