CIOKS 4 4-Isolated output Guitar Pedal Power Supply with AC Adapter - C4a

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Compact Universal Power Supply
If you keep your pedalboard small and simple but have pedals that require differing voltages, finding the right power supply is difficult. You have to search for a flexible unit that can still fit within the size restrictions of your board. Fortunately, CIOKS's 4 Isolated Power Supply can help you end that search today. This incredibly compact power supply offers four outlets that are switchable between 9, 12, 15, and 18 volts, making it easy to give your pedals the voltage they need. In addition to its old-school AC adapter, you can power this power supply with a USB power supply or your tablet. No matter where you go, there's always a way to power your CIOKS 4. You can use the 4 as a standalone unit or as an expansion for your CIOKS DC7 power supply. Whether you're looking for a compact power supply or an extension for an existing supply, you can't go wrong with the CIOKS 4 Pedal Power Supply.

Selectable Power Output
The CIOKS 4 is loaded with pairs of DIP switches beside each outlet Each pair of switches controls how much voltage is passed through its assigned outlet. With both switches down, the outlet will pass 9V current. Raise the left switch, and you'll get 12V. Raise the right switch (with the left in the down position), and the device can power 15V pedals. Push both switches up, and you'll get 18V. The customizable power feature allows you to give special voltage to the pedals that need it without having to add a specialized power supply to your board.

Advanced LED monitoring keeps you on top of everything
The CIOKS 4 is jam-packed with advanced LED monitoring. Individual status LEDs on each outlet remain lit under normal conditions, dim when you reach the upper limits of the outlet’s voltage, and shut off upon overload. A global status LED inside the CIOKS logo’s “O” warns you if you exceed the unit’s power limit.

CIOKS 4 Compact Power Supply Features:

  • Supplies up to four pedals with power
  • Works as a standalone unit or as an expansion for CIOKS DC7 units (power adapter included)
  • Adjustable outlet levels from 9–18V
  • Ultra-compact design saves space on your board
  • Individually isolated power outlets reduce unwanted noise
  • Includes five Flex cables for powering your pedals
  • Includes mounting hardware for Pedaltrain and Temple boards
  • Mounting bracket sold separately