AirTurn Wireless Dual Pedals for Mac and PC MR-AT104

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Designed for older computers with no internal Bluetooth. Check your computer specs for Bluetooth before purchasing.

Manage your PDF sheet music library, create playlists, make annotations, and turn pages hands free with MusicReader for Mac and PC computers and AirTurn. AirTurn's lowest priced software and hardware package for reading digital sheet music and turning pages hands free! This Professional Package includes the AirTurn AT-104 wireless page turning transmitter and USB receiver, 2 AirTurn ATFS-2 Silent Pedals, pedal board, patch cables, and MusicReader One Year Subscription with download links Two AA batteries included for the AirTurn AT-104. Everything you need for maximum flexibility as a digital music professional!

AirTurn AT-104 Features

The AirTurn AT-104 is a wireless page turning transceiver for Mac and Windows PC computers. Ideal for musicians who need to read digital sheet music while keeping their hands on their instruments, the AirTurn AT-104 works with the two included ATFS-2 silent pedals mounted on a non-slip pedal board for forwards and backward page turns (the right pedal turns pages forwards, and the left pedal turns pages backward).  

  • Easy to use with no software to install! Simply plug the receiver into the USB port of your Windows or MAC PC and connect the transmitter to the two mounted ATFS-2 silent pedals
  • Each transmitter and receiver is paired with a unique ID, allowing for multiple AirTurns to be used in the same space. Perfect for bands and large music ensembles.
  • The AirTurn AT-104 transmitter runs on 2 AA batteries for up to several weeks at a time (actual usage may vary).
  • Approximately 100 foot wireless operating range between transmitter and USB receiver.


This is a one year subscription. When you purchase the license, it will be emailed within 1-2 business days. You can also download a 30 day license for free.

A PDF Sheet Music Viewer specifically designed for musicians, MusicReader lets you display your PDF files in a variety of half, full, and two page views on Mac, iOS, Android, and PC computers.

Read your music on any size screen or computer monitor for large, clear views.

Organize your library and find any piece instantly. Annotate your music with color ink and highlights. Create playlists for seamless performances and change the order on the fly.

MusicReader works with Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows computers, including the latest Windows10 tablets for full page views.

Use MusicReader built-in scanner interface to digitize your paper sheet music library, or import your existing PDF files directly into MusicReader library. Customize your PDF files by cropping margins and changing the order of your pages to accommodate repeats and Da Capos.

MusicReader Software Features

  • Stand alone apps - no internet needed for rehearsals and performances.
  • Syncing power of cloud services, easily use multiple devices with same music.
  • Fully PDF based viewer + easy conversion of other formats.
  • Scanning of paper sheet music
  • Convenient library storing all your music
  • Easy and hands free page turning
  • Foot pedal, touchscreen and timer
  • Flexible annotation making, including support for pen
  • Integrated recorder / player, metronome & tuner
  • Half page view for sight impaired musicians