Music Nomad Guitar Humidifier & Humidity-Temperature Monitor Pak MN306

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Protecting your guitar just got easier. The ultimate Humidity Care System combines our two best sellers with our easy-to-use, no-mess, and low-maintenance guitar humidifier The Humitar, and The HumiReader a humidity and temperature monitor that is simple, accurate and reliable. The Humitar safely releases moisture evenly to eliminate potential problems such as warping, shrinking and, worse yet, cracking. The Innovative Humid-i-Bar sponge holds a lot more water than similar products. This means less monitoring on your end while resting assured your fine guitar is cared for.

  • Long lasting, low maintenance re-usable sponge
  • Anti-Drip, no mess material
  • Sponge holds 10x its weight in water and safely releases moisture
  • Patent Pending Innovative 3 'n 1 Accurate Digital Hygrometer
  • Securely hangs from strings or use case holster to place in case